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Hi! This Is My First Game In GameMaker And I'm Still Learning. Please Give Me Feedback On What To Add/Remove/Improve On. My Original Game Idea Was To Make A Zombie Shooter And I Think I Completed My Goal. A Couple Challenges That I Ran Into Were Making Different Weapons Do Different Things, And Making It So The Zombies Would Collide And Not 'Fuse Together'. Most Of My Playtests Were Started With The Infamous Error Screen, But Everything Worked Out In The End. The Feedback Of Playtesting Helped Extraordinarily To The Development. Because Of The Testing, I Learned A l]Lot About Object Parents And Scripting. In The Future, I Think I Could Add A Multitude Of Levels, Extended Maps, And Enemies With Different Perks(Speed, Regen, ect). Thanks For Reading, And Enjoy The Game! (Press Esc To Quit)

Install instructions


  • Re-Textured Many Sprites
  • Added New Gun
  • Melee Now Does Small Damage
  • New Controls Display
  • Added Backdrop

It Does Not Explicitly Say, But When You Kill All Of The Zombies, Press 'Esc' To Quit.


ZombieApocolypse.exe 2 MB


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i played your game and i sometimes got stuck in a wall. you should add a thing were when you pick up a gun you don't erase the gun your holding.

Hey i played your game and as a fellow dev I can see where you stand and would like to see more and some things you should add is to make the bullets not just phase through the zombies also you should use the program Pyxel Edit in the future.